Our Creative Arts department is a very diverse group of individuals who have the perfect mixture of talent, and anointing. This department is led by Ann Wells and Stephanie Norris.  You can see them minister every Sunday morning at Destiny Church through anointed mimes and dances.  The Creative Arts department consists of multiple ministry arenas.  Our “Street-Light” Ministries Step Team set the atmosphere in our youth services every month with a type of dancing that involves clapping, stomping, and making noise on the body to make a beat with a whole group of people.  Our Ablaze Mime Team always makes it a point to welcome the Presence of God with dynamic choreographic ministry with a powerful message.


Often, individuals from the Creative Arts department minister through dramas, skits, and praise songs.  In addition to ministering at our local church, this department travels occasionally to church events and conferences spreading the fire of God in a unique way.