David Tucker is pastor of Destiny Church International located in Gastonia, North Carolina, a diverse and multicultural house of ministry that has been used to impact thousands of people through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God has placed Pastor behind the pulpit as an end-time voice for such a time as this.  Through the anointed ministry of Pastor Tucker, God has mightily used him to break strongholds of racism and poverty in his community.  Pastor Tucker is the President and Overseer of Destiny Church International Fellowship (DCIF), an alliance of fellow pastors and ministers who are ordained and serve under the apostolic covering of DCIF.  DCIF has affiliate churches, ministers, and Bishops in the United States and Africa.  Pastor Tucker is a sought-after conference speaker who delivers a life-changing message that there is ‘Forgiveness for your past, Hope for your present, and No Limits to your future’! 


Pastor Tucker recently celebrated eighteen years of marriage to Rachel Tucker, better known to their Destiny family as ‘Lady T’.  Along with co-pastoring, Lady T leads the worship department at Destiny Church International.  Pastor and First Lady have three children, Lily Grace, Sadie Hope, and Judah Anthony-Brandon.  


Pastor Tucker answered the call God placed on his life at the age of twelve years old. In 1999, he delivered his first message at the age of fourteen, and has not stopped since!  In 2004, he graduated from World Harvest Bible College in Columbus, Ohio under the direction of Dr. Rod Parsley. He is an ordained minister, and holds credentials with City Harvest Network.  Pastor Tucker not only receives spiritual guidance and covering from Pastor Parsley, but is a mentee and spiritual son of Pastor Tommy Tenney, author of the infamous ‘God Chasers’ book.


Until becoming senior pastor, Pastor Tucker was a full time evangelist from 2003-2007. God has used him in an unprecedented way with opportunities to preach God’s word all over the world. Pastor Tucker came to Destiny Church with only 17 members in attendance during his first service. The ministry now has over 850 registered members, and is continuously growing strong!  Pastor Tucker looks forward to the future filled with opportunities to be used by God greater than ever before!

Dr. Rod Parsley
(Lead pastor, World Harvest Church, Columbus, Ohio)
“Many years ago, I was standing in one of our buildings when God spoke to me and said, “From this spot, you will touch the world.” Not long afterward He prompted me to begin what is now Valor Christian College, whose graduates have taken the message of the cross of Christ all around the globe.
I couldn’t be more proud of Pastor David Tucker and his determination to answer the call of God upon his life, serving for several years as an evangelist, and now as the leader of a great local church. He is a graduate of Valor Christian College, and also a member of the World Harvest Ministerial Alliance. I appreciate his steadfastness, his humility and his intensity as he preaches a Christ-centered gospel, and models a life of integrity to all those around him. He, his family and the church he leads are making a difference in their community and far beyond. My prayer is that Pastor Tucker will continue to see victory after victory, and that Destiny Church will continue to flourish and exceed every expectation as they worship a great and gracious God, witness the love of Jesus to both small and great, and win every battle by the power of the Holy Spirit.”
Judy Jacobs
(Pastor, Author, Singer)
“Pastor David Tucker is one of today’s great Pentecostal preachers. The anointing on him to preach a NOW, in season word is for this generation and lives are being changed on a daily basis. In addition, Pastor David’s church, Destiny Church, with it’s multiple campuses, is not simply a local church, but it’s a local church with a global vision. What an incredible privilege it is to call him my Covenant brother, and friend in ministry.”
Eddie James
“Pastor David Tucker is a modern day forerunner for this generation. A voice that prepares the way of the Lord. His voice carries the ROAR of the LION of JUDAH!! A breaker anointing rests upon him. Outpouring and Awakening follows his ministry. if you’re praying for someone who can release a shaking that produces pursuit for the Presence of Jesus, I encourage you to prayerfully consider
Pastor David Tucker.”
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